Free iPhone Placed On A Pink NoteBook PSD Mockup

Free iPhone Placed On A NoteBook PSD Mockup

Download an iPhone Placed on a Pink Notebook Mockup PSD with Smart Objects to showcase your great app and web designs to clients.

There are so many brands and types of phones available in the market nowadays but iPhone stands out from the crowd every time. We still remember when the first time it was launched and how people went crazy about the most amazing never seen before set of features which it brought along.

It would not be wrong to say that iPhone and Apple together have a cult following. No matter what comes out, people go crazy about it. And when something is so popular among people, why not to use it to advertise something. That is why most of the designers and in fact developers too like to showcase their apps and other designs on an iPhone.

Well, that is why we thought of showcasing an iPhone Mockup for you guys. In fact, not any iPhone Mockup but an iPhone placed on a Notebook along with a great plate of dessert Mockup. These type of mockups are so popular because they improves the overall look and feel of the advertised designs.

This particular iPhone on Notebook Mockup is a PSD version and comes with smart objects. Smart objects will make your life much simpler in terms of making any changes to the existing mockup and objects within. All, you are required to do is open the smart object layer by double clicking on it and place your own design onto it.

License Details: Free for Personal and Commercial use

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Free iPhone Placed On A NoteBook PSD Mockup

We would like to congratulate and thank GRFXPro for designing something so special and great and releasing it for the public for free and that too with both personal and commercial usage license. So, guys don’t just keep looking at this beautiful iPhone placed on a Notebook PSD Mockup, just go and grab it by using the download button below.



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